Forrest Mazarac

Facilities Coordinator

Family of an addict, father and husband.

Piper Mazarac

First Impressions and Events Coordinator

Family of an addict, mom and wife.

Fred Schapelhouman

Finance & Administration

Dad of an addict and husband.

Patti Yetneberk

Pastor, Spiritual Director and Prayer Ministry Leader

Mom, sister, friend and nurse practitioner.

Henriët Schapelhouman

Lead Pastor

Mom of an addict, wife, and lead pastor for True Hope Community Church. Started a group for families of addicts that met weekly for support. This group became the True Hope Community team.

Harrison Schapelhouman

Community Care Pastor

Former addict, pastor and mentor. Leading a support group for addicts at True Hope Community Church on Sunday afternoons. Available to speak to youth groups, high school and junior high students, parent groups and recovery groups.

Our Founding Story

Our story, the Schapelhouman journey, is one story out of many:
As a family surprised by the challenges and pain of drug addiction, we found our path to survival through community, prayer and Jesus. Our child started drinking in his early teens and eventually became an IV drug addict. Our journey included multiple detox centers, six treatment centers, court, jail and so much more. Our adult son now is over 5 years clean and sober but still dealing with the consequences of his choices.
True Hope Community started as a gathering of 4 couples with children dealing with heroin addiction. We gathered for dinner, shared our stories and prayed together. We found hope in the encouragement and unconditional love of our small community. Our desire was to share our hope with other families struggling with addiction. We told our stories, learn from Scripture, pray, and focus on the hope Jesus offers.
What qualifies us? Primarily, having lived the life of a family of a drug addict. Additionally, we bring the roles of pastor, coach, mentor and parent to this community. Other people bring their own experiences.

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